Official Rules

  1. Please remember the penalty for fighting is a minimum of 4 games suspension with a mandatory review by the Board of Commissioners. All slashing and high sticking penalties are mandatory 4-minute major penalties.
  2. A total of 5 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties over the entire season and playoffs will result in one game suspension.
  3. No senior games will be played without two referees. This is a direct order for the Diocesan Insurance.
  4. Garbage on the benches, schoolyard and the street should and must be cleaned up. Please use the garbage cans.
  5. No double parking or dropping players off at the gate. Obey all street parking signs and fire hydrants. This is a public street and two lanes of traffic must be able to pass.
  6. Try to be on time! Any player arriving after the prayer, which starts the game, may be benched for the first period at the coachs discretion. Please call your coach or the shack phone # 232-3269 if you are running late.
  7. Pee Wee division play a two and a half minute timed shift .
  8. All players must wear the jersey that was issued to them for their game. Jerseys will be collected at the end of the season. You may be charged for undue loss or damage.

Mandatory Equipment

Hockey gloves , elbow pads, protective cup, shin guards, roller skates, helmet with full face mask, chin strap, shoulder pads, hockey pants and stick with butt end.

No Mylek helments may be used.