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Week of Feb 26th thru March 1 will be a make up week. No practices. Please check with your coach for cancellations from 2/17 thru 2/24. in latest news

February 16, 2018


Tribute to CYO

Bishop John Barres appreciates the invaluable contribution that CYO teams, coaches, priests, Catholic schools and parish staffs, parents and players make to vibrant parish life and dramatic missionary growth of the Catholic Church on Long Island.  He is now calling for a “full court press” of everyone involved in the CYO dimension of the Church’s mission to model for all of Long Island a radical fidelity to the Sunday Mass by the entire CYO community.  He encourages CYO teams to go to Mass together periodically in their team uniforms as a powerful witness of faith and commitment to the entire young Catholic community of Long Island.  He wants all CYO coaches, parents and players to read his tribute that will be available in our parish bulletin, on www.LICatholic.org and in the LI Catholic in February.

The season will be extended one weekend.   All-Star weekend will be moved to March 10th and 11th.


Saturday February 24th
2:30pm Lightning vs Panthers Make up 12/15
3:45pm Rangers vs Islanders Make up 12/15
5:00pm Flames vs Sharks Make up 12/9
6:30pm Kings vs Flyers  Make up 11/18

Sunday February 25th 
4:30pm Panthers vs Flames  Make up 12/29
6:00pm  Rangers vs Flyers Make up 1/12

Monday February 26th
5:15pm Islanders vs Panthers  Make up 12/9

Tuesday February 27th
5:15pm Flames vs Lightning  Make up 11/18

Wednesday February 28th
5:15pm Kings vs Lightning Make up 2/11 
6:30pm Flame vs Flyers  Make up 1/28

Thursday March 1st
5:15pm Bruins vs Rangers Make up 11/18

Saturday March 3rd 
2:30pm Panthers vs Rangers  Make up 1/5
3:45pm Sharks vs Lightning  Make up 1/5
5:00pm Flames vs Kings  Make up 1/7
6:30pm Islanders vs Flyers Make up 1/7

Sunday March 4th
4:30pm Lightning vs Rangers  Make up 1/6
6:00pm  Islanders vs Bruins Make up 1/6

Monday March 5th 
5:15pm Bruins vs Kings  Make up 1/28
6:30pm Rangers vs Flyers  Make up 2/11

Bruins vs Islanders   Make up 2/16
Kings vs Panthers  Make up 2/16


Wednesday February 21st
6:30pm Islanders vs North Stars  Make up 1/28

Monday February 26th
6:30pm Bruins vs Panthers Make up 2/11 
7:45pm Sharks vs Flyers Make up 1/28

Wednesday February 28th 
7:45pm Sharks vs Black Hawks  Make up 2/11

Saturday March 3rd
11:45am  Bruins vs Islanders  Make up 1/6
1:00pm   Black Hawks vs Sharks  Make up 1/6

Sunday March 4th 
1:45pm  North Stars vs Flyers  Make up 1/7
3:00pm  Panthers vs Black Hawks  Make up 1/7




Sunday February 25th 
12:15pm Flyers vs Bruins Make up 12/16 

Tuesday February 27th 
6;30pm  Panthers vs Rangers Make up 2/11
7:45pm Bruins vs North Stars  Make up 11/5

Thursday March 1st
6:30pm North Stars vs Bruins Make up 2/11
7:45pm Panthers vs Rangers Make up 12/30

Saturday March 3rd
9:00am  Panthers vs Bruins  Make up 1/6
10:15am  N. Stars vs Sharks Make up 1/6

Sunday March 4th
11:00am  Panthers vs N. Stars  Make up 1/7
12:15pm  Rangers vs Flyers   Make up 1/7



SAVE THE DATE:  VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PARTY  FRIDAY MARCH 2nd at 7pm at the Hibernian Hall in East Islip.  No Charge.  No Children.  All Volunteers are Welcome.  Food, Drinks, DJ and Lots of Fun

SAVE THE DATE:  Awards Picnic Saturday June 9th at Heckscher State Park. Starting at Noon